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Looking for a smarter, more energy-efficient way to keep your home at the perfect temperature? We have the solution for you: mini-split! Ducted or Ductless, with the knowledge and skill for even a mini VRF!
Rather than relying on ductwork to circulate air, this system delivers direct cooling or heating, which provides the complete comfort you need while remaining within your budget. Opting for a mini-split installation also gives you more control over your home's indoor climate, allowing you to choose which rooms receive heat or AC and which ones remain untouched.

Whether you're looking to cool an added space in your home or trying to gain greater control of your overall comfort, trusting your mini-split installation with C&C Air-Heat-Plumbing is a smart choice. Our home climate specialists are experts for performing flawless mini-split installations, as well as mini-split repairs and mini-split maintenance in New Jersey. You can count on us to help you make the switch to this powerful and cost-efficient climate control solution-and to keep it running for years to come!

Choose Energy-Efficient Climate Control for Your Home

Nowadays, it's common for people to convert their basements, garage spaces and other areas into personal enjoyment areas, such as crafting rooms or much-sought-after man caves. But, often, these rooms aren't connected to the duct system. Because of this, keeping these areas comfy requires an alternative to the traditional HVAC system.

This is where a ductless mini-split installation comes into play. As its name suggests, this system effectively keeps you comfortable without the need for ductwork. Well-suited for retrofits, building remodels and non-ducted HVAC systems, mini-split systems are an efficient, cost-effective way to cool and heat specific rooms or "zones" throughout your home.

Plus, you'll enjoy flexible mini-split installation options. Mini-split HVAC systems are built with an outdoor condenser and an indoor air handler and can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall for flexible use of space.

The Benefits of Ditching the Ductwork

A mini-split's ductless nature gives you the flexibility to forgo cooling and heating your entire home or unoccupied rooms and instead provide comfort only to the rooms and areas where you need it. This reduces your home's energy waste due to duct leaks, resulting in significant savings on your energy bills.

If the quality of your home's indoor air is important to you, then you should consider scheduling a mini-split installation with our pros. With a traditional ducted system, all of the air in your home has to travel through your air ducts before entering your living space. Unfortunately, ductwork houses a buildup of dust, allergens and other pathogens that tag along with conditioned air. Once inside your living space, it diminishes the quality of the air you breathe. However, by removing ductwork from the comfort equation, you're cutting off the passageway of dust and pathogens, too. This secures the healthier and safer indoor environment you deserve!

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Offering free estimates on new system installations, C&C provides industry-leading product and workmanship warranties on mini-split installations. To discuss ductless HVAC technology and determine whether it is the best solution for your needs or to schedule a mini-split repair or mini-split maintenance, reach out to the C&C family and get the comfort you deserve!