Merit® Series

Merit® Series

Ask More from Your Air.

Welcome to the Lennox standard of excellence. Merit® Series is the introductory product line that raises the bar for heating and cooling equipment. Don't settle when it comes to the air inside your customers home - ask for more. Ask for Merit.5) Then you will create a similar product section below that

16ACX Air Conditioner

Two-stage operation maximizes energy savings by operating at a lower speed most of the time, ramping up during periods of increased cooling demand.

ML296V Gas Furnace

A 96% AFUE efficiency rating and two-stage heating efficiently warm a home

CBA25UHV Air Handler

A variable-speed blower and compact design provides efficient temperature and humidity control for tight spaces.

Multi-Stage Operation

Responding to changing conditions, the 16ACX adjusts to maximize energy savings-operating at lower speed most of the time, and ramping up during periods of increased cooling demand. This multi-stage operation also translates to enhanced humidity control.

Humidity Control

Pairing your air conditioner with a variable speed furnace or air handler allows you to continuously maintain a slow circulation of air throughout your home, decreasing the amount of humidity in your home for improved indoor air quality and comfort.

Smart Away™ Mode

The iComfort M30 Smart Thermostat uses GPS on your smart phone to detect when you come and go, adjusting the temperature accordingly to save energy when away and keep you comfortable when home.

Dual-Fuel Capable

For more efficiency pair an electric heat pump with a gas furnace and alternates between the two fuel sources. During the coldest weather, the furnace provides efficient heat. During mild weather, the heat pump efficiently keeps the home warm using electricity.

Powerful Blower

The robust blower assembly maximizes air movement for perfect temperatures.

The Quantum™ Coil from Lennox

With years of rigorous testing under the most extreme conditions, Quantum Coil features a proprietary aluminum alloy exclusive to Lennox, is designed to weather the harshest elements.